Base Camp For A Big Life

Base Camp For A Big Life

Is Truckee on your mind? Have you considered making your stay in Truckee a permanent arrangement. Many people are making Truckee their primary residence and perhaps you should consider it too. Check out the Truckee Chamber of Commerce and their recent efforts to brand Truckee. Heck, they won a best brand award at Reno Tahoe AMA Ace Awards for their logo and tagline “Basecamp for a big life”.

Truckee has been on the map for some time now, however, the constant recent improvements from the Town of Truckee, Truckee Trails Foundation, Downtown Merchants Association, Truckee Tomorrow, Truckee Donner Landtrust, and the countless smart working business minds behind the burgeoning creative, arts, cafe, and restaurant scene – Truckee is an incredible place to call homebase.

If you recall, or hit the rewind button to 10-15 years prior you might find Truckee to be a peculiar town located 15 miles North of Lake Tahoe. There were staples like Case Baeza, BofA, Cottonwood, Moody’s and more, but since then Truckee’s Downtown core has expanded to include an accessible Bricktown zone with parking to boot. Restaurants, music, kids jazz camps, articulate artist galleries that offer weekly curriculum from notable talents traveling both near and far to participate in the vibrant energy pulsing right here in Truckee, CA.

In 2016, the Truckee Chamber of Commerce stepped up to drive a branding campaign to attract lifestyle oriented professionals, and to recognize current locals who are thriving in the local community both regionally and nationally. The end result has been notable and the effort was awarded the Best Brand Award by the Reno Tahoe AMA Ace Awards.

This is an exciting time to be part of Truckee. If you want to find out more, consider checking out